Reindexing everything fixed the issue with admin user.

Now I'm very curious to get information about backuping and reloading JCR
content (only) from an environment to another, and also on full environment
backup/restore. I'm going to try on sample environments but would be
interested in any experience you could have on this topic.

Thank you

On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 2:01 PM, Guillaume Lucazeau <>

> Hello,
> I would like to know the procedure to duplicate a whole Sling environment,
> with data stored in an Oracle DB.
> I thought a copy of the database, and a copy of the Jackrabbit folder in
> Sling home was enough (with an update on the DB connections in
> repository.xml file), but told my client that I had no real knowledge about
> this and we would need to test with a sample environment. Unfortunately,
> they did not and directly tried to load production data into a test
> environment, following this method.
> They quickly realized that when they deleted a node on the newly created
> test environment, the same node had been actually deleted on prodution too.
> That leads to another issue : they then reloaded a backup of the
> production database (more like rollbacked latest queries apparently),
> without stopping the JBoss containing the Sling server... now the data are
> back with just one problem: it is no longer possible to log in as "admin"
> user, as I can see that in the logs:
> Admin user does not 
> exist.
> Error 
> while retrieving principal.
>  authenticate: User admin failed to authenticate with the repository for Web 
> Console access
> javax.jcr.LoginException: LoginModule ignored Credentials
> So if you could please tell me :
> - what configuration needs to be updated when you're duplicating an 
> environment
> - how to fix or what to investigate for this "admin user" issue
> I would really grateful
> Thank you for your help!
> Regards,
> Guillaume

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