I would like to know the procedure to duplicate a whole Sling environment,
with data stored in an Oracle DB.

I thought a copy of the database, and a copy of the Jackrabbit folder in
Sling home was enough (with an update on the DB connections in
repository.xml file), but told my client that I had no real knowledge about
this and we would need to test with a sample environment. Unfortunately,
they did not and directly tried to load production data into a test
environment, following this method.

They quickly realized that when they deleted a node on the newly created
test environment, the same node had been actually deleted on prodution too.

That leads to another issue : they then reloaded a backup of the production
database (more like rollbacked latest queries apparently), without stopping
the JBoss containing the Sling server... now the data are back with just
one problem: it is no longer possible to log in as "admin" user, as I can
see that in the logs:

org.apache.jackrabbit.core.security.user.UserManagerImpl Admin user
does not exist.
Error while retrieving principal.
authenticate: User admin failed to authenticate with the repository
for Web Console access
javax.jcr.LoginException: LoginModule ignored Credentials

So if you could please tell me :

- what configuration needs to be updated when you're duplicating an environment

- how to fix or what to investigate for this "admin user" issue

I would really grateful

Thank you for your help!



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