sorry for digging out this old thread. But I just found out about iJab (
http://opensource.ijab.im/ ), which is opensource and offers a solution
to integrate a facebook-style xmpp chat-bar at the bottom of a webpage.
For this you only need to include several js-files, which should work
with SOGo using the SOGUIAdditionalJSFiles option.

iJabBar also offers some kind of Single-Sign-On, by using the users
cookie of the webpage to login to the xmpp server as well.
But here I'm not sure if this will work with cookie provided by SOGo.

Has anybody looked into this already?


Am 17.03.2010 09:56, schrieb Olivier Migeot:
> On Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 1:09 PM, Federico Alberto Sayd
> <fs...@uncu.edu.ar> wrote:
>> An ajax jabber client (like gmail chat) would be very useful in SOGo
> Maybe something around the lines of jwchat, which is mostly
> client-side (given you've already deployed a BOSH-compliant jabber
> server).

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