Try configuring SOGo without IMAPHostFieldName.

El 30/12/2011 7:01, Emmanuel Dreyfus escribió:

No reply on this? I am still stuck with that problem...

Emmanuel Dreyfus<>  wrote:

Christian Mack<>  wrote:

Did you restart SOGo after changing your configuration?
Yes, I did.

If you did, what locale do you use as user sogo?
None set. Did I miss something in the documentation about that? I quick
look at the manual does not show anything about locale.

I just set LANG=fr_FR.UTF-8 and restarted sogod, and I now have
something that just seems a bit less corrupted:

2011-12-24 16:30:16.153 sogod[12681] -[NGLdapConnection
_searchAtBaseDN:qualifier:attributes:scope:]: search with at base
filter  for attrs  RK

And show us your LDAP configuration.
I have this:



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