I don't think server push features are implemented in SOGo (yet?). Afaik it's 
not in the CalDAV specifications.

Apple uses an own extension to realise server push features, I believe it uses 

Your clients should update their data if you manually refresh your client, you 
should be able to schedule  intervals between automatic refreshes (pull) in 
most clients, in iCal the setting can be made in the 'Account Information' 
screen of the 'Accounts' tab in the preferences.

But implementation of push features in SOGo would be great.

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hi list

I have a question that is not directly tied to sogo.
why don't I see any notifications at all in apple iCal?
I tried to do everything they say in the help file from iCal,
but still no notification for new events appear in there.
I thought they shoud appear in the list, as soon as someone
invites me to a meeting, so i can keep track of events that
I have to respond to.
tried it in iCal 4 and 5 on macs, iPod and iPhones.
can anyone shed a light on this perhaps?

-- users@sogo.nu


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