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On 2012-03-13, at 9:18 AM, Thomas Paduch wrote:

> *mhmmm* I don't think this depends on the push feature. We test the Apple iCal
> behavior also by importing the ics files (send by sogo via mail).
> same behavior ... no notification appear in the notification box. If we 
> modifing
> the ics file and change the following line
> METHOD:request
> to
> it works ... may be there is a similiar modification for the caldav entry.

It has been fixed in release 1.3.14.

> On Sun, Mar 11, 2012 at 03:18:56PM -0700, Piet Hein wrote:
>> I don't think server push features are implemented in SOGo (yet?). Afaik 
>> it's not in the CalDAV specifications.
>> Apple uses an own extension to realise server push features, I believe it 
>> uses XMPP.
>> Your clients should update their data if you manually refresh your client, 
>> you should be able to schedule  intervals between automatic refreshes (pull) 
>> in most clients, in iCal the setting can be made in the 'Account 
>> Information' screen of the 'Accounts' tab in the preferences.
>> But implementation of push features in SOGo would be great.
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>> Subject: [SOGo] notification in apple iCal
>> hi list
>> I have a question that is not directly tied to sogo.
>> why don't I see any notifications at all in apple iCal?
>> I tried to do everything they say in the help file from iCal,
>> but still no notification for new events appear in there.
>> I thought they shoud appear in the list, as soon as someone
>> invites me to a meeting, so i can keep track of events that
>> I have to respond to.
>> tried it in iCal 4 and 5 on macs, iPod and iPhones.
>> can anyone shed a light on this perhaps?
>> thanks
>> hugo.-

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