Am 12.03.2012 11:47, schrieb Peter Schmidt:
Hi Martin!

You could do a nicer workaround and create two profiles in thunderbird, one for each Sogo user.

I think you can even run them simultaneously but i'm not sure now. This seems to me to be a bit "cleaner" than choosing the sogo account at login time.

Depends on your needs... Just a suggestion.

I expect the username/password combo relates to the hostname of the sogo server. If you are not in VirtualHost hell (or rather, your sogo server is not *g*), you could use another hostname pointing to the same IP address, or just the literal IP address...?

I had a Thunderbird setup that way with Lightning for a while, no idea about Connector though. Worth a try?

Another way would be to grant the "ID A" access to "ID B's" address books / calendar and only ever connect as "ID A"
(That was what I did later).


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