Am 12.03.12 21:30, schrieb Peter Schmidt:
> IIRC the Connector/Integrator plugins connect to the first configured
> mail account of TB. So the hostname alias/IP address won't help you.
> Granting ID A all access to ID B's mails/contacts/calendars would be a
> nice solution, but I guess that only works if they are on the same
> (sogo) domain.
> I still think, until the bug #0001029 is not fixed, the two TB profiles
> are the most generic way to circumvent this issue.
> Regards,
> Peter

Thanks to everyone who responded to my original question.
I have to agree with Peter that switching profiles in TB seems like the
cleanest solution for now.
I'll watch bug #0001029 and if there is any way in which testing a
change to this can help, let me know and count me in. ;-)


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