Le 15/08/2012 11:07, Christian Mack a écrit :
> Hello Anand Shah
> On 2012-06-21 13:43, ANAND SHAH wrote:
>> Please pass on all Possible options for SOGoCalendarDefaultRoles
> SOGoCalendarDefaultRoles sets the access privileges for every user of
> SOGo on newly created calendars.
> Create and delete privileges are set once for the whole calendar object.
> You can set it to "ObjectCreator" and/or "ObjectEraser".
> Access and modify privileges are separated for the three confidentiality
> levels of events/tasks:
> "Public", "Confidential" and "Private".
> For each level you can set it either to "DAndTViewer", "Viewer",
> "Responder" or "Modifier".
Ok for this !
I've set up custom default rules that are good for internal use.
But how can we add a default role to "none" for anonymous access ?



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