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> Hi all,
> I setup a working SOGo 2.2.9 instance.
> Users source is an OpenLDAP directory.
> Web and Thunderbird (+Connector) are working well.
> I still have a problem with the Calendar access.
> In my current configuration, me and any authenticated user can add
> anyone's Calendar.
> Of course, this is a feature, but several people in the organisation
> would like their default. Calendar visibiliy to be restricted to people
> they choose.
> I cannot tell them to make events private/confidential by default., as
> they might forget to set the event private.

This is because of the default access set in SOGoCalendarDefaultRoles.
You need DAndTViewer in order to get free/busy information while
inviting people to events.

Every person can change this setting over the pseudo user "any
authenticated user".
So he/she can set these to "none" for all three confidential classes and
then add all users who should see their free/busy time and give them the
DAndTViewer privilege.

> The wish is to make the Calendar visible for people in the same LDAP
> group ("ou:").
> Would you help me to find out how to do?

You only could do that automatically by using multi domain setup in SOGo.
Then you have to set each ou in its own domain and isolate them
according to your needs.

Kind regards,
Christian Mack

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