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Am 2014-10-11 um 14:54 schrieb Fabrice Rossi:
>> The only reasonable explanation that came to my mind would be a race
>> between sogo-tool and sogo-ealarms-notify, as they run both every
>> minute, but I'm not even sure this is possible. I'm testing chaining the
>> commands as
>> * * * * *      sogo     /usr/sbin/sogo-ealarms-notify &&
>> /usr/sbin/sogo-tool expire-sessions 60
>> to see if this changes anything.
> This does change as I've not experienced any problem during 4 days with
> this chaining.
> Maybe this should be changed in the shipped crontab?

I have never seen this error message before.

Did you change your configuration from GNUstep to sogo.conf mentioned in
section "Upgrading" to Version 2.0.5 from the installation guide?

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