Thanks for this advise.
We've done several tests - it seems that the problem comes from iPhone version of ActiveSync client as we have no problems on other devices. Anyway, we've disabled the huge address book for the moment.


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We are using Sogo as a part of iRedMail install, based on OpenLDAP.
We have three different LDAP addressbooks configured in Sogo (default
GAL and two 'custom' LDAP queries).
Three addressbooks are visible in Sogo Web interface, we can search
contacts inside and it works well.
Our problem is that one of these addressbooks is very huge (100000+
records), so we don't want to share it on CardDAV (neither on
ActiveSync). Remote users should only access it using LDAPS direct
queries from their mail clients or using Web interface of Sogo. Is there
any way to disable CardDAV/ActiveSync sharing of LDAP addressbook?

You can set
listRequiresDot = YES;
in your SOGoUserSources (which is the default).
With that they will not be synchronized via cardDAV.
You only can search within them.

We use that and have 18000+ accounts in it.

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