> On Jun 28, 2016, at 7:57 PM, Christian Mack (christian.m...@uni-konstanz.de) 
> <users@sogo.nu> wrote:
> Yes it is.
> The URL is something like:
> https://${your_SOGo_Server}/SOGo/dav/${user_id}/Contacts/${SOGoUserSources_id}
> ${SOGoUserSources_id} is set by you in your sogo.conf in section
> SOGoUserSources for this address book as "id".

I have trouble with this URL:

- With MySQL backend, Apple Contacts.app cannot verify the URL.
- With OpenLDAP backend, Apple Contacts.app can add this address book, but it's 
empty (i have 'listRequiresDot = NO;' for this ldap address book.)

I didn't find useful info in sogo log myself, any log or anything else i can 
provide to help figure it out?

Zhang Huangbin, founder of iRedMail project: http://www.iredmail.org/
Time zone: GMT+8 (China/Beijing).


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