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> On 06/24/2016 10:01 PM, Gerald Brandt ( wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Is the Global Address Book exposed via Carddav or some other method? My
>> user on Outlook, using Outlook Caldav Synchronizer would love to get
>> access to it.
>> Gerald
> Hi Gerald,
> using CardDAV on Android (DAVdroid), I can subscribe to both
> addressbooks, my personal and the global address book.
> Why shouldn't it be possible on OL too..?

I do not know how "Outlook Caldav Synchronizer" works.

Global address books are searchable only per default.
Therefore these address books always seem to be empty, till you search
in them.
If you really want to completely synchronize those, you have to set
listRequiresDot = NO;
in your sogo.conf.
But that will affect all users.
This is only advisable for small global address books.

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