Hi all,

I have experience with maintaining packages for multiple versions of Debian 
and Ubuntu distributions. Thanks to this I have ready builder for many 
versions of Debian and Ubuntu for multiple architectures.

I dared to prepare an alternative repository of SOGo packages for Debian and 
Ubuntu. Packages are available not only for SOGo 3.x, but also for SOGo 2.x. 
Distributions are Debian 7 (Wheezy), Debian 8 (Jessie), Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty) 
and Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial). Architectures amd64 and i386. If there arises an 
interest, I can try to build also for other architectures (armhf, arm64,...).

Currently, all these SOGo builds are without OpenChange support, because it is 
difficult to build OpenChange. During my attempts to build OpenChange always 
occurs FTBFS...

To install gpg key, use:
  apt-key adv --keyserver sks.labs.nic.cz --recv-key A04BE668

The format of the line to the apt sources is as follows:

For SOGo v.2.x
  deb http://www.axis.cz/linux/debian <your-distribution> sogo-v2

For SOGo v3.x
  deb http://www.axis.cz/linux/debian <your-distribution> sogo-v3

Where <your-distribution> could be: wheezy, jessie, trusty or xenial. Do not 
be fooled by the word 'debian' in the url - this is true even for the Ubuntu 

The packages numbering follows the usual packaging rules. By the way, packages 
are also ready to properly update during dist-upgrade, because version of 
distribution is a part of the packages version. This is a small advantage 
over the official Inverse packages ;)


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