Hello Maxime

> On Oct 12, 2016, at 7:34 AM, Maxime RUBINO (maxime.rub...@sfproduction.fr) 
> <users@sogo.nu> wrote:
> I use SOGO 3.x and i need to get useremail to interface it with ovh api for 
> the responder.
> i have edit the page 
> /usr/lib/GNUstep/SOGo/Templates/PreferencesUI/UIxPreferences.wox
> i can print the usermail with  : {{activeUser.identification}}
> i can't add javascript/php/... code, it will be automaticaly deleted on web 
> source code view (?????)
> the idea is to add a form, executed by php script (ovh api) to 
> activate/deactivate the responder (php code works manually)
> do you have an idea how i can include this ?

Notice that your custom template will be overwritten if you update SOGo. Follow 
this procedure to modify the templates: 

To include JavaScript code, I recommend using a distinct file. You have 
different options:

 1. add a <script> tag to the custom template that links to an external script;
 2. specify your script filename in the jsFiles attribute of the 
<var:component> of the custom template;
 3. add your script filename to the SOGoUIAdditionalJSFiles parameter of 
sogo.conf. This will include your file in all templates.



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