Title: BTS activities for Thursday, October 13 2016

BTS Activities

Home page: http://www.sogo.nu/bugs
Project: SOGo
For the period covering: Thursday, October 13 2016

idlast updatestatus (resolution)categorysummary
3837 2016-10-13 03:17:12 updated (open) Web Calendar Conflict error by adding two concurent entries in a shared calendar
3838 2016-10-13 04:06:31 updated (open) Web Calendar repeating "all day" event(s) are not visible in the webclient
3840 2016-10-13 05:35:35 updated (open) Web Calendar task list: Please add sort by start time
1417 2016-10-13 04:42:15 updated (open) Web Mail No filter option available to filter flagged / starred emails
3835 2016-10-13 03:19:27 updated (open) Web Mail Show tag in inbox and search by tag
3839 2016-10-13 04:49:08 updated (open) Web Mail Compose box COPY / Paste from Excel Sheet Issue
3841 2016-10-13 09:35:39 updated (open) Web Mail Ability to select a date in the past as end date for automatic responder

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