2017-01-09 12:29 keltezéssel, Alexandre Zuotoski Neto (t...@csmcalderaria.com.br) írta:


I saw that SOGo now supports active directory avatars (I guess that it also supports MS-AD thumbnalPhoto/jpegPhoto attribute). Is it correct? If so, how to do it, please?

Thanks you!

Hi Alexandre,

For example: if you have a thumbnail in /path/example.jpg, then you can do it with the following method.

   echo "dn: cn=example.user,dc=example,dc=com
   changetype: modify
   add: jpegPhoto
   jpegPhoto:< file://path/example.jpg
   add: thumbnailPhoto
   thumbnailPhoto:< file://path/example.jpg" | ldapmodify -D
   cn=administrator,dc=example,dc=com -W

It adds both attribute to the user's attributes after you give the administrator' password.
You need the ldap-utils package for do that.

If user have an other jpeg thumbnail avater, then you need to use the "replace" command instead of "add". I think you can use the ldbmodify instead of ldapmodify with similar syntax, but not sure to same. I usually use above.


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