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Thank you.  Please confirm what you mean by raw sources.

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Am 04.11.19 um 16:00 schrieb "Thomas Daly" (letter...@daladi.com):
> My configuration is 2 Windows PCs (machine A and B), each running Outlook
> 2010 with CalDav synchroniser v3.6.2, connecting to a Sogo server v4.1.1.
> Synchronisation mode is set to 'Outlook to server (two way)' on both, with a
> synchronisation interval of 1 minute.
> When a task is marked as 'completed' on machine A, instead of updating the
> state of the same task to 'completed' on machine B, a duplicate completed
> task is generated on machine B. On the next sync this duplicate gets
> replicated back to machine A and vice versa, resulting in an additional
> duplicate being generated on both machines every minute.
> Any solution to this problem would be welcome.

Could you provide raw sources for 2 of those tasks?

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