I guess it is related to 

If the PercentComplete is not set or 0, the Completed Status got overwritten 
again in Outlook, will be fixed in the next release of CalDavSynchronizer.


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With "raw source" I mean the text you get when clicking on the task in
the SOGo webinterface Task list.
Then click on the three dots in the right hand top corner and choose
"View raw source".

Kind regards,
Christian Mack

Am 05.11.19 um 16:55 schrieb "Thomas Daly" (letter...@daladi.com):
> Hi Christian,
> Thank you.  Please confirm what you mean by raw sources.
> Best regards,
> Thomas
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> Hello
> Am 04.11.19 um 16:00 schrieb "Thomas Daly" (letter...@daladi.com):
>> My configuration is 2 Windows PCs (machine A and B), each running Outlook
>> 2010 with CalDav synchroniser v3.6.2, connecting to a Sogo server v4.1.1.
>> Synchronisation mode is set to 'Outlook to server (two way)' on both, with a
>> synchronisation interval of 1 minute.
>> When a task is marked as 'completed' on machine A, instead of updating the
>> state of the same task to 'completed' on machine B, a duplicate completed
>> task is generated on machine B. On the next sync this duplicate gets
>> replicated back to machine A and vice versa, resulting in an additional
>> duplicate being generated on both machines every minute.
>> Any solution to this problem would be welcome.
> Could you provide raw sources for 2 of those tasks?
> Kind regards,
> Christian Mack

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