Hi Alwin,

we have quite a similar setup here. As most colleagues here have several "identities" (which is, they work for both companies sharing this office space) and mail should be sent with the corresponding signature, depending on the original incoming address, the mail program must select the correct identity on reply.

Luckily for us, Thunderbird does exactly this. As you noticed, the webmailer also looks into the original mail and selects an appropriate "identity".

So this is obviously a mail user agent thing, in the first place at least. I am aware of huge differences between Outlook versions out there, and at least that Outlook 2016 that my PC has (and that is not opened more than once a year, luckily) seems not to do a proper matching. I guess you should look into the options that Outlook (+AddOns) might offer here, rather than on the server-side.

It seems that some people achieved to have Thunderbird-like "identities" in Outlook by creating more that one account (and disabling all but the first one). I did not read though wether the automatic choice of sender address came with this.

You might want to have a look at https://www.ivasoft.com/smartreply2010.shtml (not affiliated to it, just a google result), which seems to quite match your request (add-on comes at 50$/workstation). So there seems to be a lack of functionality in Outlook, and someone makes a living off this.

For emClient, I cannot tell, as I never used that one, sorry.

On the other hand you can do all kinds of smart or stupid things in rewriting outgoing mails on the server. I would recommend against that approach, as the reply mail does not necessarily bear the information of the original target mail address. You would have to store this on the "way in", with the message id, and in the outgoing mail, lookup the "Message-Reply-ID" (or similar header field) and find the address to insert from your database. Yes this is possible, and a rather ugly hack! E.g. in an Exim setup, you might add a "router" there to pass your mail into some manipulation scripts, and probably insert some bad bugs into mail handling while doing so. BTDT.



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we are currently converting our mailsystem to SOGo. We have a few questions. Maybe someone can answer me if this is possible.

In our e-mails, we have tried to create a specific structure:

  * There is a main mailbox with some aliases (created in SOGo)
  * The mails sent to this alias are automatically moved to a
    subfolder in the same mailbox

Now it gets difficult:

  * If one of these mails is answered, the client (for example,
    Outlook or em Client) should automatically select the address to
    which the mail was sent
      o The aliases (as sender addresses) could also be sent
        automatically by the server to the client. Then he could make
        the choice easily.
          + Is there perhaps a SOGo plugin to do that?
          + Where can I even see / browse the available SOGo plugins?
      o It would be okay to create the addresses manually, but the
        client would still have to select them automatically (but
        unfortunately that does not work right now).
          + Maybe there is an Outlook plugin?
      o There is this functionality in the webmailer. It just works
        like we want it to.

If that does not work:

  * Is there a possibility to set a manually added sender address
    (alias) as default? Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything.
  * Is it possible to manipulate the sender address on server-side
    (depending on the user and only if the receiver is external)

Thanks in Advance!

Alwin Sonnemann


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