Am 26.11.19 um 13:37 schrieb Andrew Mogg (and...@logicomm.co.uk):
> Hi
> We are having issues with a particular email address which has a ' in its 
> email address. Such as Dano'rou...@gmail.com
> When the email is sent from SOGo, it removes the ' from the email address, so 
> the email is actually sent to 
> danorou...@gmail.com<mailto:danorou...@gmail.com> and therefore fails (ie 
> bounces). Interestingly, when I access the server via Roundcube and send, 
> this does not happen, so its SOGo
> Has anyone had any experience of this?

That is an invalid email address.
You need Quotes around it to work:

I would ditch that address and get one without special characters.
I have seen too many SMTP servers not accepting such addresses at all.

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