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We are having issues with a particular email address which has a ' in its email 
address. Such as Dano'rou...@gmail.com
When the email is sent from SOGo, it removes the ' from the email address, so 
the email is actually sent to danorou...@gmail.com

That is an invalid email address.
You need Quotes around it to work:

according to RFC 2822 and it's successor RFC 5322 and IMHO that's not necessary and it's a bug if SOGo removes the "'":


3.2.3.  Atom

   Several productions in structured header field bodies are simply
   strings of certain basic characters.  Such productions are called

   Some of the structured header field bodies also allow the period
   character (".", ASCII value 46) within runs of atext.  An additional
   "dot-atom" token is defined for those purposes.

      Note: The "specials" token does not appear anywhere else in this
      specification.  It is simply the visible (i.e., non-control, non-
      white space) characters that do not appear in atext.  It is
      provided only because it is useful for implementers who use tools
      that lexically analyze messages.  Each of the characters in
      specials can be used to indicate a tokenization point in lexical

   atext           =   ALPHA / DIGIT /    ; Printable US-ASCII
                       "!" / "#" /        ;  characters not including
                       "$" / "%" /        ;  specials.  Used for atoms.
                       "&" / "'" /
                       "*" / "+" /
                       "-" / "/" /
                       "=" / "?" /
                       "^" / "_" /
                       "`" / "{" /
                       "|" / "}" /

   atom            =   [CFWS] 1*atext [CFWS]

   dot-atom-text   =   1*atext *("." 1*atext)

   dot-atom        =   [CFWS] dot-atom-text [CFWS]

   specials        =   "(" / ")" /        ; Special characters that do
                       "<" / ">" /        ;  not appear in atext
                       "[" / "]" /
                       ":" / ";" /
                       "@" / "\" /
                       "," / "." /

   Both atom and dot-atom are interpreted as a single unit, comprising
   the string of characters that make it up.  Semantically, the optional
   comments and FWS surrounding the rest of the characters are not part
   of the atom; the atom is only the run of atext characters in an atom,
   or the atext and "." characters in a dot-atom.

3.2.4.  Quoted Strings

   Strings of characters that include characters other than those
   allowed in atoms can be represented in a quoted string format, where
   the characters are surrounded by quote (DQUOTE, ASCII value 34)

I would ditch that address and get one without special characters.
I have seen too many SMTP servers not accepting such addresses at all.

Then they aren't RFC compliant.

For instance: an e-mail address like foo+...@example.com (Postfix: recipient_delimiter = + and the e-mail will then finally be delivered to f...@example.com) is widely used (and I never saw a problem with such an address on Postfix, Dovecot, Thunderbird etc.).

According to the RFC that "+" is within the same category of characters like the "'" of Dano'rou...@gmail.com (atext) and therefore has to be accepted by any compliant software.

Just my $ 0.02

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