I am not quite sure how this attendence status of participants of events work. 
The mails are sent to the participants I added but when I confirm the 
attendence I get various results. The calendar from which I create and send 
this invitation is a normal calender of the user (not shared or something like 

case 1:
screenshot of the reply when the accepting user sends: 
as you can see, the answer is "You received a reply to a scheduling event but 
the sender of the reply is not a participant." even though the mail adresses 
and the reply is shown two times..

case 2:
this is when I accept via an email adress through thunderbird
the confirmation mail say: <participant mail address> accepted your event 
and it is only displayed once, but there is no "update status" button and the 
event in the calendar still shows the participant as pending.

I'm a bit at a loss here how to troubleshoot this since I am not familiar with 
the subject so any input is appreciated.
best Lorenz

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