Code has just been pushed to https://github.com/inverse-inc/sogo-connector to make SOGo Connector work with Thunderbird 78.

This is considered beta stuff. If you want to test it, clone the repo and sogoConfig['baseURL'] in chrome/content/sogo-connector/global/sogo-config.js to point to your SOGo server. Test with a fresh profile. Here are some notes:

1. the SOGo preferences are not yet available in the Thunderbird's
   preferences panel
2. nothing works regarding the SOGo Update Server - as Mozilla dropped
   entirely the RDF code
3. the SOGo Connector now uses Thunderbird's built-in CardDAV code.
   While this code works rather well, there are a few quirks
    1. contact categories won't work for now, I am still working on this
    2. it won't be possible to synchronize lists
    3. GAL address books from SOGo are fully sync'ed

Using the CardDAV code from Thunderbird allows us to annihilate a lot of old and broken code we had. We'll follow closely the improvements in Thunderbird and improve our support as we go.

More to come real soon.


Ludovic Marcotte
lmarco...@inverse.ca  ::  +1.514.755.3630  ::  https://inverse.ca
Inverse inc. :: Leaders behind SOGo (https://sogo.nu), PacketFence 
(https://packetfence.org) and Fingerbank (https://fingerbank.org)


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