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can't you put the external email addresses into your Active Directory's proxyAddresses attribute? Your users will then be able to select an email address in the SOGo web interface. Add the attribute to the parameter MailFieldNames in your /etc/sogo/sogo.conf:

  SOGoUserSources = (
      type = ldap;
      MailFieldNames = (mail, proxyAddresses);

Note that email addresses in the proxyAddresses attribute have to be prefixed with "smtp:". SOGo will remove the prefix.

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Am 08.10.21 um 17:34 schrieb "H.Plett" (heinrich.pl...@gmx.de):

Hello, Community,

finally, I made it - Mail Server is running as a relay with 2 accounts. All fine, except for Calendar invitations.

Background: For certain reasons, my 2 internal SoGo users have a .local account which are certainly NOT equal to their real external email addresses. So, I had to match them via sender_canonical file in postfix and translate them to the real mail address via relaymap. This mechanism works fine now, but only for mails. But if I try to invite people to a meeting, [...] they do not see my real address, but my fake internal address @office.local - as this mail is not real, they cannot answer to my calendar invite, and some do not even see the "yes" / "no" / "maybe" button


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