Issue in the same behaviour here, but without address translation. If invite is created on another account (on a delegated calendar), we've got the same problem.

No problem with primary accounts/owner calendar.



Le 08/10/2021 à 17:34, "H.Plett" (heinrich.pl...@gmx.de) a écrit :

Hello, Community,

finally, I made it - Mail Server is running as a relay with 2 accounts. All fine, except for Calendar invitations.

Background: For certain reasons, my 2 internal SoGo users have a .local account which are certainly NOT equal to their real external email addresses. So, I had to match them via sender_canonical file in postfix and translate them to the real mail address via relaymap. This mechanism works fine now, but only for mails.
But if I try to invite people to a meeting, they see the following text:

Its in German, but the bottom line is, they do not see my real address, but my fake internal address @office.local - as this mail is not real, they cannot answer to my calendar invite, and some do not even see the "yes" / "no" / "maybe" button

1) Where is the template stored, so that I can manually change this string? I would like to just statically change this string so that there is my real address - do you think this will work?

2) Also it says, that the invited person is not a "required attendee" - which is clearly a wrong statement, I selected the correct flag("required") for this person.
So, where is this text generated and how can I change this behavior?

3) Another weird thing - despite the invited people have received the invitation, I cannot find this mail in my "sent mail" folder. How did the mail get out into the world? Did it use any other mail service besides postfix? Also I do not understand, why my relaymap did not kick in, because for normal mails it does?

Any help is appreciated - thank you all.

Regards, Heinrich


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