On Android's Gmail app, after some usage (say 1-2 hours after creating 
account), random mails from inbox go missing when using EAS. No errors are 
reported on either side, mails are still intact and available over IMAP or 
through webUI, but in Gmail app they're missing. Same for calendar events older 
than 1 month, they simply aren't there when setting up a new account. I'd like 
to know if anyone else is having these problems as I could reproduce it on new 
installs and on mailcow's VM.

Another EAS client I tried was Samsung's Mail app which has none of these 
problems. It sometimes shows mails which were deleted on the server, with no 
way to get rid of them other than removing them in the app as well. But that's 
not such a big deal - I am not missing out on anything like with Gmail app's 
EAS. Calendar is synced correctly with events going as far back as they go.

With the calendar events, if I leave the Gmail app's EAS implementation synced 
for more than a month and new events are added, I can see all the events 
created since the first sync up to present time (and the future events). But if 
I do a clean resync of events by removing and adding the account, I can only go 
1 month back. There is no way to change this behavior in any of the calendar 
apps or any account settings. I am talking about the system calendar which 
other apps read off of. When synced through Samsung Mail app's EAS, none of 
these problems occur and I can use any Calendar app correctly.

My Sogo setup is a part of mailcow if that matters and I could reproduce all of 
the above on new installs. For some reason EAS is completely unreliable for me 
and for now I am using IMAP and Caldav+Carddav.


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