Effective September 1 2022.
End of Life for Akamai (Inverse) of SOGo development activities and support services
Dear community user,
As part of an End of Life (EOL) process Akamai is terminating all SOGo development activities and support services effective September 1, 2022.
While Akamai's involvement with SOGo is ending, Akamai is anticipating that Alinto, a software email provider, will continue to maintain the SOGo open source project. Akamai’s understanding from Alinto is that they have been developing email solutions since 2000 and have recently switched to SOGo webmail. You must contact Alinto directly if you are interested in learning about Alinto and purchasing SOGo support services from Alinto.
Should you have questions or concerns about the end-of-life process, please reach out to me to discuss and answer questions that you may have.
Ludovic Marcotte
Director, Product Management
Akamai Technologies, Inc.

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