we are getting really weird problems.

Case 1:
Colleague X had appointment A on Monday, 07.01.1970 12:00 (example date).
On 04.01.1970 she moved appointment A to 14:00 and created a new appointment B at 12:00. (with very few seconds in between) SOGo did not get to process moving appointment A and tried creating B, returning a conflict. X's client had processed everything on the client side, returning false confirmation that her actions were successful and went into the weekend. Monday appointment A was waiting at 12:00, and appointment B was not created.

Case 2:
Processing message failed. Status: 800040005. From what I understood, this means the meeting was created from within an organization, but the meeting itself is external and not known to the calendar server. We keep getting these from Outlook users. I do not understand how this happens, but sometimes it works, others not. No errors are reported on any client.

Case 3:
If we activate SOGoSendNotifications Outlook users send sometimes 20 duplicates of the same invitation. If we disable it and let appointment processing to the users via mail, Outlook users are perfectly fine but SOGo can't send notifications in the webmailer anymore, no matter wether you check the "Send notifications" box or not.

And these are the first examples that came through my mind. The Outlook:Thunderbird user ratio is 1:10. We get 10 more support tickets from Outlook users than Thunderbird, most of them related to CalDavSynchronizer. This is not a stable solution. Also, mobile support is terrible. If we activate Active Sync, we need more performance for 5 active sync users than for other 150 normal users, because SOGo reserves one whole thread for every active sync connection.

That is why we kinda had hopes for the native 2.x, but apparently not. I am open for suggestions for better compatibility with Outlook, though.

Kind regards,

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What version of sogo are you using?
If this is the last ones ~5.10 there shouldn't be any CalDavSynchronizer 
errors. I'm myself using Outlook with CalDavSynchronizer and everything's works 
fine with SOGO 5.9.

Other versions that 5.X are not maintained anymore and I strongly suggest to 
not switch to them.


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Hello there,

we are a small firm and have been using SOGo for a few years now.
Due to Outlook compatibility problems (more exactly CalDavSynchronizer
errors) we are considering alternatives.

While looking for alternatives, we found out that SOGo is actually maintaining 
two versions, one of which (2.x) offers Outlook native support (over 

Now the question is, how maintained is the 2.x really? We noticed the last 
release in April 2022, and 1 year before that but nothing since.
Openchange is a little worse, as we see the last update was in 2015.
Is the version 2.x safe to use in production? What are the main differences 
between the version 2.x and 3.x+?

Kind regards,


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