Alex wrote:
I recall a conversation in the past about body rules hitting on the
Subject of an email, but I don't believe there was ever a solution, or
I otherwise missed it.

It's now affecting me again, and I hoped someone had some ideas on how
to prevent body rules from hitting on the subject too since it's
apparently considered part of the message body?

The only "solution" I've ever come up with is to create a meta rule group to account for the Subject hit:

body __FOO /foo/
header __SUBJ_FOO  Subject =~ /foo/
meta FOO  __FOO && !__SUBJ_FOO

I have to admit it's annoyed me on occasion that I can't create a single simple rule that ONLY matches on the message body, but TBH it's never been important enough in context for me to even commit the above horror.


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