On 11.02.18 19:09, Hendrik Haddorp wrote:
I have a maildir with about 20000 mails. In the past this does not seem to have been a problem. But since a few weeks my sa-learn process dies with an OOM now.

On 11.02.18 20:10, Hendrik Haddorp wrote:
so far I was always letting it run once a week over my inbox in --ham mode and over my spam folder in --spam mode. all tutorials I saw did it the same way. this also worked for years but likely with less mail files. I was under the impression that sa-learn would skip messages that it already learned. the debug log also indicated that it recognized those.

The problem with this approach is that all those messages must be opened,
read from, parsed and only then it's possible to find out they have been
already trained so they can be skipped.

even if there's a memory bug in sa-learn and it can be fixed, it's still
very inefficient.

Luckily you have been advised a better approaches. Good luck.

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