Hi all,

        So, I've been trying to tweak my setup and noticed that VERY few of my 
emails are being autolearned as spam, even when their spam threshold is far 
above the autolearn threshold.  The threshold is set to 12; I just saw a spam 
with score >25 not being autolearned.

        Are there rules that prevent autolearning?  If so, why?  If a spam 
scores really high because it hits (let's say) 10 or more rules, but just one 
of those rules is enough to prevent autolearning, that seems overly 
restrictive, no?

        For example, for one of my users, out of about 650 spams received in 
the last month, only 10 have been autolearned.  For another user, only 12 of 
nearly 1400.  That seems like a very low percentage, and clearly some 
high-scoring spams are not being auto-learned.

Any explanation is appreciated!


--- Amir

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