On Mar 2, 2018, at 03:54, Daniele Duca <d...@staff.spin.it> wrote:
> I've started to notice that some (not saying names) VPS providers, when 
> offering v6 connectivity, sometimes tends to not follow the best practice of 
> giving a /64 to their customer, routing to them much smaller v6 subnets, 
> while still giving to them the usual /30 or /29 v4 subnets.

I have heard of at least one provider that assigns a single IPv6 (/128) to each 
machine, and uses a single /64 for their entire server farm (possibly a 
different /64 for each location).

The simplest solution is blacklist them until they are forced to gain clue 
points. Might not be realistic for some people, but if you don't cut them off 
from the Internet, how will they learn?

The stupid, it burns.

My main job is trying to come up with new and innovative and effective ways to 
reject even more mail. I'm up to about 97% now.

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