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Hi, this message seems suspicious to me (appears to be some type of
survey), but I don't understand how it was whitelisted when google.com
is not listed among def_whitelist_from_dkim (or at least shouldn't be)

Note that google.com has historically been reserved for Google corporate mail, NOT GMail. Hence these rules exist in the default rules:

60_whitelist_auth.cf:def_whitelist_auth *@*.google.com
60_whitelist_dkim.cf:def_whitelist_from_dkim googlealerts-nore...@google.com
60_whitelist_dkim.cf:# def_whitelist_from_dkim  *@google.com


I'd appreciate any clarification on what's going on here...

The envelope sender is 3ue3owhmjamkzhabyuuhahsbe.qpzhvnthps.jvtytilzadlzalyu....@trix.bounces.google.com and the SPF-relevant relay IP is, so SPF passes. That's good enough for def_whitelist_auth.

Messages of this sort make an irrefutable argument for removing the general pass given to Google in the default ruleset, as it is clearly based on a use model of the domain which no longer is true.

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