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I ve installed clamav-unofficial-sigs by debian package. If this is not
working good enough I will try the installation I found here:

dunno - and it's off-topic here - we use own scripts to update the
signatures and that stuff is catched by

may i ask why you put such a unfinished and untested in many ways setup
in production?

The mailservers are ready and work very good but can be improved. And I only improve them when there is a need to do it. If there is a spam mail going through again, I m going the next step ;-)

I dont know what is in the zip file. I just have a compressed copy of
the mail. I tried to save the  content of the zip boundary part in a zip
file but I get an loading error when opening the zip file.

what are you doing?

When you ever have parsed emails for content then you would know that you can extracts parts of raw mails to specific file types and opened it. I dont know why I get an error this time, but dont have time to find an answer now.

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