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Thanks a lot. I will try to modify the email text to have more 'meat on the
bone'. I am just surprised email with no links, no adds, no attempts to sell
anything can be interpreted as a spam.
That img in the email is a tag from SendGrid email services used to trace
the emails. I don't know if I can get rid of it.

The folks at Sendgrid know how to properly send out mass emails without getting blocked by spam filters. They should have some resources to help with your email delivery. Check with them since you are paying for that service.

That's his PC which is the MSA. As it's the first hop, it's not surprising
it hits Zen PBL (it should, given a host name like

About those headers you put in pastebin, is that an actual mail from the same source that normally generates these password reset emails or was that a test of the same message body from your desktop? We need to see the headers from an exact message sent from the same source as it normally would be.

The origin of the email and the path it takes makes a big difference in how it's filtered.

David Jones

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