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On Tue, 8 Aug 2017 07:36:01 -0500
David Jones <djo...@ena.com> wrote:

The origin of the email and the path it takes makes a big difference
in how it's filtered.

Sure, but doing a plain-text message with no HTML will immediately knock
2.2 points off the score.  That's a pretty cheap and easy win.



I absolutely agree but it's possible that this part is out of his control. Sendgrid might be receiving a plain text email from the normal source and adding HTML to get that image in there for tracking. We (this list) have no way to know for sure without seeing the original unaltered message from the normal source.

My point was copy/pasting the same email body and sending it from a different source like a desktop/laptop is not going to be valid for troubleshooting rule hits. I know that you know this but I am just saying it "out loud" for the OP.

David Jones

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