>you need to train your bayes *by hand* to start with - how do you expect
>bayes classification with no hints afetr purge the database - train 200
>ham and spam mails and *after that* look further


Thanks.  I want to use some auto-training with very conservative thresholds 
set.  All of the messages I've checked would have classified correctly via 
autolearn comfortably in those ranges.

The 200 threshold is for USING the bayes, but not a auto-learning requirement.  
Or that was my clear understanding from many posts.  I saw several old threads 
where others suggested similar but were corrected.  Maybe they changed it, 

My concern is that auto-learn is not functioning properly.  I use Amavisd that 
calls spamassassin and has it's own issues.  Trying to make sure my system is 
operating properly.  It appears it is not to me.

No hint should be necessary for it to learn a spam.  Only to use bayes to score 
anything.  I get that.  No?

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