Scouring the differences between this and my old server I see this:

Old server:
-rw-------   1 amavis amavis     83472 Aug 10 15:51 bayes_journal
-rw-------   1 amavis amavis      1986 Aug 10 15:51 bayes.mutex
-rw-------   1 amavis amavis 328491008 Aug 10 15:51 bayes_seen
-rw-------   1 amavis amavis   5443584 Aug 10 15:51 bayes_toks

I gathered the journal may very well not always be there and maybe that's

But from what I could tell googling the bayes.mutex file is a lock file:
(for others:

Is missing IT a problem?  Is this a hint? (fingers crossed)

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