I use the Subversion a couple of years. I initiated to deploy the Subversion to our work server, because its installation and usage are quite simple. And I sometimes help users and administrator to work with svn.

Everything was very good, and Yours program realy helps us in our work. But the moment of server failure always comes, when anyone wait them :) And now we have a problem to restore the Subversion repositories from a backup. I read many posts in www about repository backup saving, but practically there are no information about real backup restoration experience. The our problem is:

- data is backed-up every night, it's ok, but
- many (50) users do they commits couple of times every day, and
- users' working copies are out of sync (they are later!) with server after backup restoration.

Unfortunately, the Subersion client programs don't know what to do, when working copy base revision is later then head one. I tried to do a dummy commits to increase repository head revision number, and then tried to coomit the latest version - but this wasn't help to synchronize working copies with server.

Of cause, every user can do a virgin repository checkout and then commit his/her latest data. Many users have some local unversioned data inside ours working copy directories, so they would also synchronize this data. But the main problem - working copies have different base revisions. And even files and directories are different. It is difficult to find the latest working copy of each file.

Latest data and even file revisions are in clients svn databases. So, my question: is there some "magic" instrument, that helps users or admins to resynchronize working copies and commit latest data into the server?

The Red Book says that making backups every hour is a form of paranoia. But after some moments every admin tends to be the real paranoic:) I will try to use a repository mirror or some distributed version control. But I would teach all users to use the new instruments.

Best regards!

Alexander Kozlov
Senior hardware developer
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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