On Thu, Sep 22, 2022 at 3:59 PM Sean McBride <>

> Our svn repo is about 110 GB for a full checkout. Larger on the server of
> course, with all history, weighting about 142 GB.
> There haven't been any performance issues, it's working great.
> But now some users are interested in committing an additional 200 GB of
> mostly large binary files.
> I worry about it becoming "too big".  At what point does that happen?
> Terabytes?  Petabytes?  100s of GB?

WANdisco supports customers with Subversion repositories in the TiB with
millions of revisions.  As others have mentioned, the repository size
matters only when it is time to back it up.  Large backups can be managed
with different techniques with different costs (only some of which have
been mentioned so far).

What tends to be more important on a day to day basis is the size of the
checkout: TCP is bandwidth limited by latency so the larger the working
copy at any given latency the longer it takes to check out.  And the larger
the latency, well...  The number of files/directories in a revision can be
an issue with certain operations as can the amount of history of changes
for a single file (e.g. "svn blame" can get slow...).  And the chatty
nature of WEBDAV means that latency compounds the time required.  Using
"svnserve" only helps so in some circumstances since it is difficult to
have it cache as much as Apache (and not at all for multi-user support) so
it scales differently for different operations.

I've read some excellent suggestions about using artifact management
systems for build artifacts - definitely.

All that said, I think it wise to keep repository size bounded to what you
(your company?) can reasonably support.



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