( I have chosen the same title as SVN-2516, as it addresses the same issue )

Thank you for great subversion. I am a happy user with TortoiseSVN on Windows with a Linux server since 20 years.

I was hit by a quality department request to restore a revision, I have tagged before. Unfortunately, this does not work, if there are externals on externals.

I have only one repository and the externals all go to the same repository.

There are hints on stack overflow to run over the files and search for any ".svn" folder and call "svn up -r 123" if they are found. That is great. Unfortunately, I use a lot of externals only to one file (typically image files for buttons).

I find it really sad, that there is no command:

"svn up -r 123 -propage-externals", which will checkout also the externals, as if "-r 123" would be set for the externals. For me, this is the main point missing in SVN and a blocker for any use, as a tagged version may never be restored and the quality department will say to you: you are not able to reproduce the source code.

Thank you for all,

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