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I will see, if I can work around it with SVN. I just told myself a fool, as I 
thought for 20 years, that this basic requirement was no problem, but it is.

I’ve used a script that would enumerate the externals and used the ‘{DATE}’ format 
to update the externals to the same date as the main branch.  Just get the date with 
something like "svn info | awk '/Last Changed Date:/ {print $4, $5}’”.


that is great, thank you ! As I use one repository, I even don't need the date trick. I can directly go with the revision number. "date" is not precise enough for me, as I have multiple commits per day and I want an exact one. I had a srcipt on WIndows, which worked for externals on folders. Unfortunately, I have no script which handles externals on files. The script searches for ".svn" folders and runs "svn up -r 1234" on those folders. Unfortunately, this does not wqork on externals on files.

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