I think we spotted a bug. The following sequence has been followed:

  *   User 1 renames a svn folder and commits this
  *   User 2 has unversioned files and uncommited files in the renamed folder
  *   User 2 performs an update
  *   Subversion encounter a tree conflict
  *   All files are still on the disk during this step
  *   Subversion solves three conflict.
  *   unversioned files are removed from users 2 disk.

The unversioned files are retained in the old folder with the old name when the 
same sequence is executed with no uncommited files on users 2 computer.

This all has been performed using : Svn, version 1.14.2 (r1899510)
   compiled Sep 24 2022, 10:21:16 on x86-microsoft-windows

using Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19045.2130].

Kind regards,​​

Marcel Delorme
Head of Software
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