Hi Pavel , 

Then where should I check for getting support on my query?  
Could you please help me with the contact link? 

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> Hi Subversion support team,

Please note that this is not a "support team". This is a public list for 
Subversion users:

> Good Day !!!
> We have a requirement for taking Lines of codes from subversion project repos.
> Our requirement is to collect the information of users by their activity like 
> how many lines of codes they added in project files compared to the last day, 
> month, or particular period.
> Could you please help us with the tool or command that can be used for taking 
> lines of codes from project repos and visualizing them as a diagram or data 
> metrics?
> Here I am sharing our existing Subversion setup details and you could suggest 
> me a tool for taking lines of codes or references.

AFAIK, there are various tools for calculating the Lines of Code (LoC) metric. 
I haven't tried any of them myself and therefore cannot suggest any in 
particular. However, searching the web for something like 'Subversion Lines of 
Code statistics', 'Subversion Lines of Code reports' or 'Subversion Lines of 
Code metric' shows different ways to generate such metrics.

BTW, what exactly are you going to do with these lines of code metrics? Do you 
plan to use them to measure productivity of the developers? What's your use 

I hope that you know that measuring lines of code is - putting it lightly - is 
not the best way to measure productivity of a developer:
You may want to think about another approach if your task is to measure 
performance of your development team.

Thank you.

> OS version:  Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS
> Subversion: 1.13
> Apache version: 2.4.41
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> Rajesh N
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