mod_proxy_http is almost always slower than a properly configured mod_jk 
(due to the lack of persistant connections).  The work is to get a 'properly 
configured mod_jk' ;-).

Personally, I like mod_proxy_ajp, just for the integrated configuration 
options.  The speed should be comperable to mod_jk, but I confess that I 
haven't actually run benchmarks on it.

As always, the only benchmark that counts it the one that you run :).  This 
sort of thing depends on what your app really does, as well as the 
static/dynamic content ratio.  And, except in very few cases, you will get 
the best speed with a Tomcat stand-alone.

"Laurent Perez" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message 

One of our production servers recently started to suffer from very
heavy performance troubles under load : the current setup is apache2 +
mod_jk/ajp13 + tomcat5.0.25, jdk 1.4.2, 1GB (Xmx/Xms to 640MB) on a
dual 2.4Ghz Xeon server. The maximum amount of requests/sec reached is
around 15req/sec under production load, and I'd like to hit something
between 30 and 40req/sec, unfortunately, mod_cache is not really an
option for our current hosting company.

Are there available benchmarks comparing mod_jk and mod_proxy
available, or resulting from anyone's personal experience ? I googled
quite a bit and results are just random, someone will tell jk is
faster, someone else will tell proxy is faster, so I'm looking for
some advice on this TC list.

Thanks for any input


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