I am a Linux user and love linking things to reduce copies.

Apache/Tomcat (by default) does not allow symbolic linking (nice as it can 
cross mounted file systems) except in the top apache/lib directory. I use hard 
links in the Application/WEB-INF/lib directories to reduce copying and help me 
manage things.

HOWEVER, some applications have special needs - e.g. pictures. You don't want 
to always distribute these with the release of the application (Application.war 
file), so symbolic links are the way to go (except for MS land, sorry). The 
nice solution to this is:
which must contain at least the two below lines:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Context allowLinking="true"> </Context>

However this allows ALL symbolic linking in the Application directory. I agree 
with the developers that this is dangerous.

Is there some way to allow linking in just ONE sub-directory of the 
Application?? - e.g.


This would allow all I need to have local images for the application without 
endangering other things using a symbolic link.

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