Peter wrote:
I am happy that you guys sent reply to me, but anyone here can create
configuration file for me for example which I had mentioned in beginning of
post, then I can understand better, its my weakness but true.

Peter, you should decide what you want, and whether the way in which to do it, is more important for you than the goal that you want to reach, or vice-versa.

From what I understand, the final result that you want to achieve is that
1) there is only one Tomcat server instance
2) when a client calls up, this ends up being served by the application "/client1" 3) when a client calls up, this ends up being served by the application "/client2"

The easiest and most "natural" way to do this, is by using Virtual Hosts, and have "client1" and "client2" being in fact the ROOT webapps of each of these virtual hosts.
Like this :

(same IP for both)

Tomcat connectors : listen on the IP address a.b.c.d

Tomcat virtual hosts :
First, the default host (it is already there, nothing to change)
<Host name="localhost" appBase="(tomcat_dir)/webapps" ..>
  .. here you host Tomcat's "standard" webapps (just leave them where they are)

Then you add the following 2 Hosts :

<Host name="" appBase="/dir1/webapps" ...>
... here you host the "client1" webapp, renamed to ROOT, as in 

<Host name="" appBase="/dir2/webapps" ...>
... here you host the "client2" webapp, renamed to ROOT, as in 

This is a still single Tomcat. The fact of using virtual hosts does not mean that there are more than 1 Tomcat. It is the same single Tomcat serving all 3 above virtual hosts.
It just "changes its personality" depending on how the client gets to it (by 
the name).

But, in the subject of your message, you say that you do not want virtual hosts.

That's a pity, because any other way of doing what you seem to want to do, is a lot more complicated, and a lot more complicated still to get right in all cases.

So, once again, *why* do you not want virtual hosts ?
If you do not really care, then I suggest that you start a new message thread, with a different title where you do not exclude virtual hosts from the start, and just explain what you want to achieve in the end, without excluding any particular solution right away.

For the rest, apart from the on-line Tomcat documentation, there are also books and articles available : If what you want is to have someone "spoon feed" a complete configuration to you, that will work in your case without any effort on your part, then you should consider hiring a paid consultant.
There is also a list here :

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