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On 1/25/16 9:28 AM, Hrivnak, Dan wrote:
> Thank you Chris! I’m glad to hear that Tomcat should have nothing
> to do with this as that helps narrow down what I should look at.
> The unit test (really an integration test) spins up an app server
> using Guice and makes a call to the same remote service (verified
> same URL, certificate chains, etc). The only difference I can find
> is that one is running within Tomcat and one isn’t. The actual
> client code is using Axis 2 to call a SOAP service, so the raw HTTP
> connection code is inside the Axis library unfortunately.

You might want to check the effective system properties to see if
there is a JVM-wide trust store in use, or any other TLS-related
properties. For instance, it's possible to enable/disable protocols
and such using system properties, and it's also possible to configure
everything explicitly using code.

Tomcat does the latter for incoming connections, but, as I mentioned,
doesn't have any hooks into outgoing connections. You should be
dealing with JSSE, though through Axis in your case.

Good luck,
- -chris

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